Meet Moisturized Chaos


Life is short:  Embrace the Chaos

Moisturized Chaos is a unique online skincare boutique that embraces the beauty of chaos.  We believe in hastily packed lunch bags, running out the door with a cold cup of coffee, attempting to brush your hair in between work and soccer practice, and embracing a world where simply showing up and doing your best is applauded.  We believe in a no-nonsense approach to life and believe that life is too short to live quietly.  We believe self-care should be quick, accessible, and worry-free – and we believe that skincare should be simple, easy, and natural.  Period.

At Moisturized Chaos, we create easy-to-use, luxurious skincare products that let your skin radiate while it heals.  We deliver exquisite all-natural skincare products formulated using sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients.  Our products are fast, effective, and fun – simple as that. As a woman-owned-and-operated small business, Moisturized Chaos is committed to creating products that perform beautifully and are carefully formulated to protect and care for every skin type.

Moisturized Chaos was birthed from the chaos of the global pandemic. Run by a full-time mother, Moisturized Chaos is one part clever-business name, one part personal mantra. 

Welcome to the skincare brand that gives you a high-five just for getting out of bed today.

Life is short:  Embrace the Chaos.